Committee Democrats politicize Benghazi terrorist attack investigation

October 21, 2015
Blog Post

Yesterday was a terrible day for Democrats on the Select Committee on Benghazi. Their bogus “fact check” was exposed as a laughable sham when the State Department confirmed that the Benghazi Committee was the first congressional committee to request the emails of Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Now they’re refusing to answer questions about their extreme politicization of the only real investigation into a terrorist attack that killed four Americans, and their possible participation in a partisan political operation.

The Washington Post reports:

Democrats are ramping up an aggressive, multi-pronged effort to quash the damaging effects of the 17-month investigation before Clinton testifies on Thursday. This week, ranking member Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) and his staff are embracing the offensive with coordinated messaging, rapid response and a bevy of memos, fact-checking documents and reports. …

Republicans have suggested that Benghazi panel Democrats are directly coordinating with the Clinton presidential campaign and outside groups in an effort to protect Clinton. …

“It’s abundantly clear that several members of the Committee are focused solely on her poll numbers instead of getting the truth – and they’re all Democrats,” [Gowdy spokesman Matt] Wolking emailed.

A Democratic aide said both Democrats and Republicans have been in touch with counsel for Clinton. The aide did not comment on allegations of strategic coordination with the campaign. …

Democrats say the idea of “correcting the record” sums up their strategy for Thursday’s hearing.

Politico reports:

At Correct The Record, a PAC that coordinates with Hillary Clinton's campaign, a war room of about 30 staffers will be on hand to defend Clinton and attack the committee as she heads to Capitol Hill Thursday to testify in front of the House Select Committee on Benghazi.

CNN reports:

As part of a multi-front attack against the Republican-led Benghazi Select Committee, the super PAC backing Hillary Clinton's campaign will release a 140-page book of opposition research Wednesday, obtained exclusively by CNN, that impugns the character of Republicans on the committee.

Aside from the fact that the Obama administration initially told the American people that the well-coordinated terrorist attack in Benghazi was a “spontaneous protest” in response to a YouTube video, and aside from the fact that a Correct the Record employee banned from working in the Obama administration (Sidney Blumenthal) was one of Secretary Clinton’s primary emailers on Libya and Benghazi, why are Democrats so intent on derailing and discrediting the only real investigation into the murder of four Americans?

And why are Select Committee Democrats (nearly all of whom have endorsed the former Secretary of State for president) refusing to answer simple questions about coordination?

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