Select Committee Obtains New Blumenthal Emails Before Deposition

June 16, 2015
Press Release

Washington, DC—The Select Committee on Benghazi received roughly 120 new pages of emails between Sidney Blumenthal and Secretary Clinton. The emails were produced late on Friday in response to a Committee request to Mr. Blumenthal.

“Sidney Blumenthal produced to the Committee nearly 60 new emails regarding Libya and Benghazi,” Gowdy said. "These emails were not previously produced to the Committee or released to the public, and they will help inform tomorrow’s deposition. We are prepared to release these emails, but where practicable our internal processes include consultation with the Ranking Member before release. If Ranking Member Cummings consents, we will add to the former Secretary’s public email record and release these shortly. If not, we will do so after the required five days has passed.”


Deposition information:

Who: Sidney Blumenthal

When: June 16, 2015, 10:30 am

Where: HVC-214


**This appearance before the Select Committee on Benghazi involves a witness deposition, which is typically done in private. The session will be closed to the media.