Statement from Select Committee Communications Director Regarding Clinton’s Testimony

July 25, 2015
Press Release

Washington, DC— The Select Committee Communications Director Jamal Ware released this statement regarding reports about Secretary Clinton’s testimony before the Committee:

“Secretary Clinton's campaign may want to reach out to her lawyer, Mr. David Kendall, with whom the Committee has had ongoing conversations. As of last night, Mr. Kendall was still negotiating conditions for her appearance, writing: "The first is that, on the grounds of simple fairness and in order to make appropriate preparation possible, the scope of the questioning be consistent with the scope set forth in the resolution establishing the Select Committee on the Events Surrounding the 2012 Terrorist Attack in Benghazi (H.Res.  567 (113th Cong. 2013-14))."  The second condition was that despite the fact that the Department of State has been woefully recalcitrant in producing relevant documents, the hearing date would not change.    

“Previously, Mr. Kendall had agreed, while insisting she would appear only a single time before the Committee, that Secretary Clinton would answer all questions the Committee had about Libya, Benghazi, and her unusual email arrangement with herself. 

“Her email arrangement clearly falls within the scope of the Select Committee's jurisdiction, which is charged by the House under the Resolution to look at Executive Branch efforts to comply with congressional oversight as well as the administration's response in the aftermath of the tragic attacks in Benghazi.

“The Committee will not, now or ever, accept artificial limitations on its congressionally-directed jurisdiction or efforts to meet the responsibilities assigned to the Committee by the House of Representatives. Accordingly, once there is an agreement on the date and a better understanding of how, if at all, Secretary Clinton's lawyer's latest writing differs from previous ones, the Committee will announce said hearing date.”

Link to letters from Mr. Kendall: May 4, 2015;  April 22, 2015; March 27, 2015