Statement on Latest Release of Clinton Emails

January 8, 2016
Press Release

Washington, D.C. — Select Committee on Benghazi Communications Director Jamal Ware released the following statement in response to several media inquiries regarding the State Department's FOIA release of a 2011 email from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:

"It is the FBI, not the Benghazi Committee, that is investigating the mishandling of classified information in connection with Secretary Clinton’s use of an unsecure, private server to conduct official U.S. government foreign policy. 

"Of course, none of the Secretary of State's emails – including one in which she appears to instruct a top aide to strip a document of its 'identifying heading and send nonsecure' instead of via classified, secure fax – would have been discovered if not for the work of the Select Committee on Benghazi."

In 2010, Secretary Clinton asked the same aide to "just email" information that was on the State Department's classified system.